Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cross Cultural Connections: Peace Games and Seeds of Peace

Peace Games has the opportunity to collaborate with Seeds of Peace, a non-governmental organization that brings young people from conflict areas together for dialogue and trust-building activities each summer. In addition to working with young people Seeds of Peace also strives to provide education and support to the adults in their lives.

As we continue to design Peacemaker Projects, Seeds of Peace staff expressed an interest in helping to set up one-to-one partnerships between elementary, middle, or high school teachers in either Israel or the West Bank and teachers in the Peace Games Network. Together, you can decide how best to learn from and support each other; we'd just make the introductions. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, contact us. To learn more about Seeds of Peace, visit their website or watch this trailer of a documentary about the camp ("Seeds"), made by an internationally diverse team of filmmakers in 2003.


Richard said...

COOL! Yer' even putting You Tube clips in your entries now! Way to go. I'm much interested in how to best engender partnerships with groups like Seeds of Peace and define exactly how to proceed. I'll be in touch. Thanks for this thought provoking entry.

Anonymous said...

That trailer gives me chills. It's so moving.