Saturday, April 28, 2007

Continue the Kindergarten Traditions

Continue the Kindergarten Traditions

As a kindergarten teacher I am able to sing songs, dance, rhyme, draw with crayons, and sketch with markers, chant, and conduct puppet shows while always connecting these activities to daily learning objectives and state/national curriculum standards. I mention this fact because I feel that too often educators are leery to continue to cultivate these types of tactile/kinesthetic activities for our upper grades (middle school, high school, beyond…).

I challenge educators to keep the “kindergarten traditions” alive. All of the aforementioned learning activities can be tweaked, tailored, or altered to fit the needs of older learners. What worked? What did not work?

I can almost guarantee that all learners will find singing, dancing, illustrating, and chanting a breath of fresh air amidst the perpetual grind of assessments, projects, and the like. Let us all know how it went!

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