Saturday, April 28, 2007

Cultivating a Love of Learning


Cultivating a Love of Learning

The zealous, seemingly exaggerated pitter-patter and scampering gait of the average kindergartner traipsing through my classroom threshold each day is truly a breath of fresh air for me as an educator. I am able to almost breathe in the excitement of the forthcoming school day that is stewing inside the four walls of my classroom!

When a child has only been on this green earth for five or six years everything around her is illuminated; nearly any seemingly mundane aspect of everyday life could yield a fruitful discussion or mini-lesson. The natural curiously wrought by our youngest scholars is truly a gift—a gift for the students as well as their teachers.

Throughout my years of experience working with our youngest learners (in and outside of classroom settings) has proven to me that no matter where you are geographically speaking children will be there waiting (and always wanting) to learn. From the countryside to suburbs to the heart of the inner city I have witnessed firsthand the tremendous passion for education America’s children edify.

Too often we as teachers look at "areas needing improvement". However, the innate passion of our little ones can always be channeled into a positive learning outcome. Keep hope alive!

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