Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Time of Year to Concentrate on the Little Things Big Time!

The end of the school year is nigh!

That one sobering sentence serves as a harbinger for finishing up Community Service Learning projects, preparing for last report cards, end of semester events, graduations, final parent/teacher meetings, grading the final papers, getting evaluations done and maybe, just maybe, taking time to smell some of the flowers. Whew!

We started the school year with the best of intentions and with lofty goals. Before we assess our development with these goals, how about an appraisal on the very simple, very basic yet very important "mini-goals" we also established? Here's a simple evaluative list for just today:
  • Did I say thanks for a kindness shown to me?
  • Did I smile at someone who was having a rougher day than I?
  • Did I put things in perspective before reacting?
  • Did I count to 10?
  • Did I do something nice for myself?
  • Did I laugh?

We live in a "test-centric" enviroment. Measurable standards are our basis for promotion/demotion, success/failure, achievement/room for improvement. So how about "setting ourselves up" for success by using the standards mentioned above to measure our accomplishments?

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