Sunday, June 3, 2007

Child Rights

I thought this poem might fit well into this blog. I was inspired amidst projects, assessments, graduate classes, and of course the children. Despite the visceral nature of the subject matter I always maintain Hope. Yup, "hope" with an uppercase "H"! Please enjoy.

Child Rights
Eric G.

Advanced learning rubrics. Learning styles—students choose it
Excess—expensive feelings. Raise the bar or ceilings. Scar tissue healing amidst Free-World wheeling and dealings.

In the face of adversity: recognize cognitive diversity. University. Multiplicity. Country bumpkins & city people amidst pitter-patter longevity realities. Malice, violence—tyrants' incompliance to Science. Defiance for alliance to try finance.

Pre-panned assessment-driven committees prod/push or nurture pity, mechanics and curricula nitty- gritty. Scientific, specific tricks nifty. Thrifty. Reach bottom, middle and gifted students quickly. Stay away from the shady and shifty.

Student autonomy… dead center. Cohesion/harmony. Lesson-planning—touch them all for understanding. Compliments over reprimanding handling or dismantling of hurtful bantering. Holistic answering to bubble-sheet rampaging. Scampering not hampering authentic champions.

Socio-political factors: lunchrooms and back-packers—economics, profits. Late shift offer job-picked. Section 8 stuck or pocket-rocket, esoteric dropkick-lawsuit conglomerate. Yet, still teach rich topics whether in deserts, oases, or tropics.

Siphon those slipped through cracks. Cerebral maps blessed destiny in authentic facts. Find Truth in different tracks if lethargy attacks.

Reflect Day & Night with standards in sight. Everyday joy over everyday plight. No blights just insights for the levels of new Heights. Battle ignorance and recalcitrance with chicken-soup flavored significance. Magnificent caring, declaring, and daring—repairing shrapnel-shattered despair.

Emancipation =

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Richard Cardillo said...

Thanks for giving me a start to my day today with your entry. This is the push I needed to keep on keeping on.